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Master Instructors. Master Learners. Masterful Outcomes for Leaders 


Greater Things exists to train high capacity leaders in crucial thinking and skill development. 

MasterLab connects world-class Master Teachers with High Capacity Learners around crucial topics in settings conducive for exceptional learning and transformation.

Many leaders feel they that while they have reached the top of the educational goals for their career they are in need of and desire to keep learning, growing, and developing. 

Yet many feel that their options learning and developing at a high level are greatly diminished. The find themselves having to DIY their learning with online resources, cobbling together reading recommendations and attending conferences and relatively low-level training sessions. 

Many feel uninformed in the most current thinking, fear they are falling behind, and are on their own in their learning. As one leader recently put it “With the lack of significant learning in my profession in recent years I’ve started to feel dumb, slow and alone.”

This is something MasterLab is designed to address. We know leaders are smart, competent and desire to keep engaging and growing and have designed MasterLab in response this need and opportunity. 

  • MaterLab is designed for those who already have a master degree or for other reasons do not choose to pursue a degree but want to learn at a master level.
  • MasterLab has been called the “Uber” of Non-degree education connecting Master Instructors with High Capacity Learners outside the academic strictures. 
  • Weeklong courses taught by master instructors.
  • Learners travel to location where the instructor wants to teach.
  • MasterLab content will be made available in 4 areas - Learning Lab, Leadership Lab, Wisdom Lab and Life Lab
  • Use of “micro-certifications” for marking progress through courses.
  • Dashboard created for each learner on for tracking courses and completing “micro-certifications”
  • Courses offered a la carte and in a “program” fashion.
  • Cost sharing between instructor and MasterLab.
  • Learners pay their own travel, lodging and food.
  • MasterLab financial assumptions and projections based on number of days, cost per day and number of learners are at the end of the document.

MasterLab - OPEN MDiv (Master of Divinity Granting Option):

  • The OPEN MDiv is a version of the MasterLab done in partnership with Christian Theological Seminary by which students will earn a credited Master of Divinity Degree.
  • Both CTS students and non-students in the courses. 
  • Cohort of students in the Christian Theological Seminary System who are earring an MDiv while utilizing 2 or 3 of the MasterLab sessions per year. 
  • 9 Students are currently in the program (began August 2017).
  • Greater Things is paid to manage the program and recruit Instructors. 
  • Non-degree registrants pay $999 for the course to CTS via registration.
  • CTS manages registration for the OPEN MDiv courses. 
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